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Recording It Ourselves Manifesto

Description & history
Recording it Ourselves is run by a small group of people who know each other through DIY cultures/cultural activism and various forms of information work or research. We initially connected via social media in 2019 and have been working on our first event since this date. 

Our first event has been funded via the small grants scheme at the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies at UCL. 


  • We all engage with information, archiving and heritage as a political practice and a form of activism. 
  • We do not believe that archives, collections and histories are/were objective and neutral in any way. 
  • We acknowledge that professional standards and practices are rooted in white supremacy and colonialism, and advocate for community-led models of classification and description.
  • We believe that communities should have autonomy over their own heritage. 
  • Information work is not only done by people in paid/salaried work, and we reject the binary between amateur/professional information workers.

Fields and areas

Archiving, information, libraries, collections, DIY cultures and communities, memory, marginalised voices, activism, punk,


Archive: An archive can refer to a collection of information which might be physical, digital or a mixture of both in form. An archive can also refer to an organisation which keeps and provides access to individual collections, either physically or in a virtual space. 

Library: Commonly thought of as your local public library in the UK where anyone in the community can register for a library card to borrow books, DVDs and other items as well as attend events or use study space and much more! Wider libraries include academic libraries, special collections, health libraries, DIY space libraries.

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