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Risk grid for online events

As part of our organising we developed this risk grid to manage any issues on the day. As others are coordinating online events regularly, we share this in case it is of any use more widely.

RiskSuggested responseLikelihoodImpact
Speaker says something offensive in talkApologise on behalf of organising committee, acknowledge that we take responsibility for it. If anyone says anything offensive you can interrupt immediately, but this is unlikely. LowHigh
Connection difficultiesSee if it is quickly resolved, otherwise move to next speaker in panel and come back to original speaker. If this can’t be resolved just apologise and we can share slides afterHighLow
Talk goes on too longUse warning sounds/similar to mitigate, and reduce Q+A part of panel if needed. If anyone goes over by more than a few mins, ask to conclude?

We are stressing timing as an accessibility need in the emails! 
Offensive comments in the Q+AOthers are moderating this, and all attendee chat is disabled, Q+A can be completely disabled if needed. LowMedium
Zoom event gets hacked or similarShut down event immediately, we can circulate a new event via eventbrite mailing list. LowHigh
Offensive question in the Q+ADon’t ask it and delete LowMedium
Twitter hashtag gets spammed by trolls or similarAdvise that this has happened, provide alternative hashtag to move discussion LowHigh
Someone doesn’t turn upWe take a longer break. The remaining speakers don’t have to fill that gap, no obligation to drag out the Q+A, we start again at the next scheduled talk timeMediumMedium
Slide sharing issuesChairs are asking for a copy in advance so we have a copy to share. If there are still issues, maybe switch to next speaker and the panellist can skip out to test their settings etc. MediumMedium
There are no questions left at the end of a sessionFinish/break earlyMediumLow
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