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Safer Spaces

By attending Recording It Ourselves conference day we hope you will support us in creating a safe and welcoming space for speakers and attendees. We encourage engagement with speakers and panelists but ask that you be mindful of the space you take up (for example, in the Q+A section of the webinar).

Event Guidelines 

In order to make the space as safe and welcoming as possible, we have put some guidelines in place to agree how we relate to each other at the event. These apply to the organising collective, speakers and attendees: 

  • Everyone attending this event shares different backgrounds, skills, interests, values and experience. 
  • Forms of discrimination and oppressive behaviour can surface in events like ours. Examples of these behaviours include repeating misinformation about or using offensive language (e.g. transphobic, racist) to refer to a person or a particular community; making assumptions about another person; misgendering someone.
  • We hold each other responsible for our behaviour, and make space to listen to each other when we speak out about these behaviours. 
  • When we are able to be responsible for the ways we act and speak, we are being accountable for our behaviours. As a result we often need to reflect on and change our behaviours for future events. 

If you do anything that goes against these guidelines, you will be removed from the Zoom webinar immediately by one of the organising team, and can follow this decision up via the below email address. 


Due to the amount of attendees and the relatively small team facilitating this event, the chat function on Zoom webinar will be disabled throughout the day. The Q+A section can be used by attendees to ask any speaker a question during the event. To interact with other attendees, we encourage everyone to discuss the event on Twitter instead. You can do this by adding the hashtag #RIO21 to any of your posts. Please note that we do consider the hashtag to be an extension of the space we share for the day and a sphere in which our communities do operate. So please continue to engage with us on Twitter in care, good faith and with respect for fellow attendees.

How to Contact Us 

If throughout the day you are concerned about any aspect you can email or you can send a direct message to our account on Twitter @recordingourselves. Please only contact us via these routes. Please note that due to the busy nature of the event it may take us some time to reply, but we will address any concerns as soon as possible. 

After the event, we will be sending out a short survey to all attendees to request anonymous feedback that can help us to improve in any future events we facilitate. 

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